Both 1920 onwards

The records of Officers and Other Ranks from 1920 onwards, including those of personnel still serving, are held at the APC in Glasgow. Access to the records of serving personnel is necessarily restricted to proven next-of-kin. In identifying the officer or soldier concerned it is essential that you quote the regiment and personal number. A fee of £25 (which may be waived for widows and those seeking access to their own records) is payable to the APC and you should be aware that the search you require may take some time as there is a considerable backlog of inquiries.

Household Cavalry and Brigade of Guards

The Household Cavalry and regiments of Foot Guards have traditionally retained their own records. Records from the early nineteenth century to the present date are held by the appropriate Regimental Headquarters. However, copies and additional information are held by the Household Cavalry Museum and the Guards Museum and these should be the initial point of contact.

Indian Army

Records of the officers and other ranks of the Honourable East India Company’s (HEIC) armies and of the Indian Army, 1861-1947 are to be found in the India Office Library and Records collection of the British Library (Oriental + Indian Office Records).

Other Sources

Imperial War Museum (IWM). The IWM contains no personal service records or official documentation. However, there is an unparalleled reference library of some 125,000 books and pamphlets and 15,000 volumes of periodicals.

National Army Museum (NAM). The NAM contains an impressive library with excellent runs of the Army List and London Gazette. In addition NAM holds records for the period 1901-1960 relating to soldiers’ estates. These are of particular value as they frequently contain details of next-of-kin.

Ministry of Defence Medal Office – The Ministry of Defence Medal office controls the issue and replacement of medals. Before claiming unclaimed WW2 medals you will require a record of service from the Army Personnel Centre. To replace issued medals you will be required to furnish proof of loss (police report or insurance claim etc.). The full cost of any replacement medals may be payable.